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内容摘要: 为隆重纪念建国70周年致以最高献礼,缅怀开国伟人,“四大伟人肖像瓷板画”首次隆重发行,四大伟人头像以前只出现在第四套人民币100元大钞上,为了大阅兵的最高需要,这是四大伟人头像第一次出现在人民币以外的收藏纪念形式上!此外,历时三年研发攻关的瓷板画在每一个细节上都体现出了华贵和独......

In order to solemnly commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China the porcelain plate painting of the portrait of the four great men was issued for the first time. The heads of the four great men only appeared on the fourth set of 100 yuan banknote. For the highest needs of the grand military parade this is the first time that the four great men's portraits appear in the form of collection and commemoration other than RMB! In addition the porcelain plate painting which has been researched and developed for three years embodies the magnificent and unique commemorative theme in every detail: bright gold and valuable!
All great people's collections have the symbolic meaning of business cards with profound cultural value and high economic value. The founding fathers of the four great men are the guarantee of appreciation. The head portraits of the four great men in the porcelain plate paintings of the four great men symbolize their irreplaceable position. Relevant experts believe that the uniqueness of the "four great men's portrait porcelain plate painting" and the special status of the four great men can highly match the supreme qualification status of "national porcelain" and express the highest standard commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. Such a standard event has never happened and can be called porcelain making In the history of "unprecedented masterpiece" recorded in the world porcelain history.
The number of this collection is 0211. The specifications of each painting are 36.5cm long and 28.5cm wide.
四大偉人の磁器の板の絵は2019セット限定発行して、このコレクション番号は0211で、各絵の規格は:長さ36.5 cm、幅28.5 cmです。