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内容摘要:玉蝉,自汉代以来,皆以蝉的羽化比喻人能重生。将玉蝉放于死者口中称作含蝉,寓指精神不死,再生复活。把蝉佩干身上则表示高洁。所以玉蝉既是生人的佩饰,也是死者的葬玉。蝉在古人的心目中地位很高,向来被视为 纯洁、清高、通灵的象征。随着时间的推移,人们又赋予蝉更多的含义。汉代玉蝉刀法简练,......
玉蝉,自汉代以来,皆以蝉的羽化比喻人能重生。将玉蝉放于死者口中称作含蝉,寓指精神不死,再生复活。把蝉佩干身上则表示高洁。所以玉蝉既是生人的佩饰,也是死者的葬玉。蝉在古人的心目中地位很高,向来被视为 纯洁、清高、通灵的象征。随着时间的推移,人们又赋予蝉更多的含义。汉代玉蝉刀法简练,粗犷有力,刀刀见锋,称“汉八刀”。蝉形比战国时期薄而大,重视玉料选材,玉色以白为上。表面琢磨得平整洁净,线条挺秀,尖端见锋,锋芒锐利,其边缘像刀切一样,没有崩裂和毛刀出现,尾部的尖锋有扎手的感觉。线条以直线为多,有的虽呈弧线,
Since the Han Dynasty the cicada has been reborn with the emergence of cicadas. Putting the jade cicada in the mouth of the dead is called cicada which means that the spirit does not die and the resurrection is revived. Gao Jie is a sign of the cicadas. Therefore jade cicada is not only the ornament of strangers but also the buried jade of the dead. The cicada has a very high status in the eyes of the ancients and has always been regarded as a symbol of purity lofty and channeling. As time goes on people give cicadas more meaning. In the Han Dynasty the jade cicada knife was concise rough and powerful and the knife saw the front. It was called "Han eight Dao". Cicada shaped is thinner and larger than the Warring States period. It attaches importance to jade material selection and jade color is white. The surface is smooth and clean the line is fine the tip is sharp the sharp edge is sharp the edge is like the knife cutting there is no crack and hair knife the tip of the tail has the feeling of holding hands. The lines are in line and some are in arc.