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内容摘要: 粮票作为一种实际的有价证券,在中国使用达40多年,随着社会的发展,它已退出了历史舞台,成为收藏者的新宠。粮票自身是没有价值的票证,但凭粮票可买到国家牌价粮食,实际上粮票成了一种有价证券。粮票的面值等于国家牌价粮价与市场价之差。1993年后中国已取消使用粮票,粮票很快进入了收藏品......

Food stamps as a kind of practical securities used for up to 40 years in China along with the development of society it has quit the stage of history become the new darling of collectors. The ticket is not the value of food stamps but you can buy food stamps by national food price food stamps actually became a kind of securities. The value of food stamps is equal to the national premium prices and market price difference. After 1993 China cancelled using food stamps stamps quickly entered the ranks of the national collection collection of "food" enthusiasts are also expanding. To buy food stamps in the treasures of China of nearly two years in Hongkong the District of Macao and some European and American countries at high prices. With the passage of time the grain collecting craze food stamps collectibles market will rise. As long as a good grasp of the basic principles of food stamps investment prospects are very impressive food stamps. The second Chinese food stamps served as "money" in Chinese lasted for 40 years it reflects the social economic status of the various historical periods of China has an important research value and collection value welcome to inquire.