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内容摘要: 联系 18152557782 商议交易 福建官局造银币是中国所有龙洋图案钱币中,工艺最精湛,雕工最完美,浮雕感最强烈的品种,镜面平整光滑,纹饰的相惯线显得非常清晰,该系列钱币铸造精美,字口、纹路和边齿深峻,完全是国外铸造的样币风格,具有鲜明的历史特色。 此藏......
联系   18152557782  商议交易                    福建官局造银币是中国所有龙洋图案钱币中,工艺最精湛,雕工最完美,浮雕感最强烈的品种,镜面平整光滑,纹饰的相惯线显得非常清晰,该系列钱币铸造精美,字口、纹路和边齿深峻,完全是国外铸造的样币风格,具有鲜明的历史特色。
此藏品为福建官局造光绪元宝库平七钱二分,整体品相非常完好,表面的包浆醇厚、楷书文字书法极为精湛、大气,间架结构平衡舒展,极具收藏价值和观赏性,为难得的稀世珍品目前光绪元宝投资市场火热,行情大涨,藏品为不可多得的收藏重器、极为罕见、有巨大的投资价值及收藏价值、如需收藏购买、请与我联系、我将竭诚为您服务。电话 18152557782 商议交易光绪元宝福建官局造光绪元宝福建官局造
Officer of fujian bureau silver is all Long Yang pattern COINS in China the most exquisite technology carver is the most perfect the strongest varieties FuDiaoGan mirror surface level off is smooth grain phase lines is very clear this series of COINS casting fine word mouth tooth deep lines and edges entirely foreign casting specimen style with distinctive historical characteristics.
This collection officer for fujian bureau money guangxu seven yuan treasure ping binary the overall appearance is very good the surface of the wrapped slurry is mellow regular script writing calligraphy is very exquisite atmospheric stretch panel structure balance extremely collection value and view and admire a gender for the rare rare treasures and the current emperor guangxu wing investment market prices soared collection of rare collections of jack extremely rare there is a huge investment value and collection value if you want to buy please contact our customer service we will serve you wholeheartedly.
Similar coin poly auction company in Beijing in 2015 the autumn auction (7.17-18) miscellaneous art auction a spring and autumn period bronze Fu reached 3.28 million after several rounds of bidding ended with 9.68 million hammer raised a hot wave of collectors collect bronze.
これは、2015年に北京の保利オークションで、秋のバーゲン会(7.17 - 18)、雑货の特売会で、一件の春の青銅器が、一枚の値段が328万人、数轮の竞売価格で、最终的には968万円で落札され、チベットの家の青銅器を収纳するブームが起きています。