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内容摘要: 电话 13995046265 联系商议交易 ,真诚服务 1889年(光绪十五年),两广总督张之洞采纳英国汇丰银行的建议,停铸七三反版银币,改铸七二反版银币。该银币正面点圈内为汉文和满文“光绪元宝”四字,外围为英文。背面蟠龙居中,周围镌“......
   电话  13995046265  联系商议交易 ,真诚服务广东省造光绪元宝七二反版广东省造光绪元宝七二反版                                          1889年(光绪十五年),两广总督张之洞采纳英国汇丰银行的建议,停铸七三反版银币,改铸七二反版银币。该银币正面点圈内为汉文和满文“光绪元宝”四字,外围为英文。背面蟠龙居中,周围镌“广东省造库平七钱二分”十字。由于它的设计款式与清朝其他省份的银元相反,故俗称“七二反版”。当此币之样币呈送朝廷审定时,清廷认为洋文列于银币正面不合体例,下令将洋文改镌于背面。因此,此币只留有试铸样币。


此枚广东省造光绪元宝七二反版为不可多得之收藏重品,如需收藏购买,请与我联系商议交易   电话 13995046265

1889 (Guangxu fifteen years) the British viceroy Zhang Zhidong adopted HSBC's proposal to stop anti cast 73 version of silver 72 silver version of anti remint. The silver circle is a positive point Chinese and Manchu "Guangxu bullions" four words peripheral English. On the back of Panlong center around the "Guangdong Province Library made Juan Ping seven money two" cross. Because of its design style of silver and other provinces of the Qing Dynasty on the contrary it is commonly known as the "72 edition". When the sample of this coin to court approval the Chinese think in front of silver out of style ordered the language change engraved on the back. Therefore this money is left only coins.

The coin is coins special design excellent casting as one of the twenty treasures of silver Chinese.

The 72 edition of Guangdong Guangxu Yuanbao is a rare collection of heavy goods. If you want to collect it please contact it with customer service. We will serve you wholeheartedly.  13995046265



この枚広東省製の光緒の馬蹄銀72反版は得難いのコレクションの重品収蔵購入が必要な場合、会社と顧客サービスの連絡ください、私達は誠心誠意あなたのためにサービス。  13995046265