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内容摘要: 喜欢的朋友联系商议交易 电话:13995046265 戊申吉字大清银币库平一两银币,近代官铸机制银币中的大名誉品,铸额甚小,传世极罕。系清代光绪三十四年(1908年,是年为干支纪年戊申)吉林省银元局铸。也有观点认为此币系天津造币总厂铸。银币正面珠圈内镌汉文......

喜欢的朋友联系商议交易 电话:13995046265                       戊申吉字大清银币库平一两银币,近代官铸机制银币中的大名誉品,铸额甚小,传世极罕。系清代光绪三十四年(1908年,是年为干支纪年戊申)吉林省银元局铸。也有观点认为此币系天津造币总厂铸。银币正面珠圈内镌汉文“大清银币”四字,四字中间镌一带圈的“吉”字,外围上端铸满文光绪年造,下端铸面值“库平一两”,两旁分铸“戊申”二字;背面中央铸蟠龙图,外围上端铸英文光绪,下端铸英文库平一两,两旁分铸六点花星。,即以元为单位由于传世极其罕见,很多钱币学者和收藏家没有见过真品。真品皆存世珍罕。

The currency in gold prices but the domestic actual circulation is silver silver to gold value circulation the value of gold is the symbol. The gold standard is the implementation of conditions then the common claim before the implementation of standard under the premise has produced a "two battle currency unit". Some people advocate silver heavy one or two advocate seven money two Shigenobu Ji Qing Ping one or two silver coin word library modern officer cast silver in a large reputation mechanism casting amount is very small very rarely handed down. In the Qing Dynasty Guangxu thirty-four years (1908 years is the Jilin Province silver Shigenobu heavenly stems and Earthly Branches Jinian) casting bureau. There is also a view that this coin is cast by the Tianjin Mint general. Silver Beads positive circle engrave Chinese "Qing silver" four words four words engraved along the circle of "Ji" the upper periphery Manchu Emperor Guangxu years casting casting the lower denominations "library one or two" both sides of the cast of "Wu Shen" two characters; on the back of the central cast Beaulieu map cast light English peripheral upper thread the lower end of English cast the library level one or two both sides cast six little flower star. As a result of the extremely rare transmission of the yuan many coins scholars and collectors have not seen the real product. There are genuine stamps.

この幣制黄金の値段の標準で、しかし実際には国内の流通銀貨、銀貨黄金価値に流通は、金の価値を記号。金本位制でまだ実行条件、当時の普遍的な主張が先に銀本位制を実行して、それを前提にして、生まれた通貨単位の「2元の争い」。ある人は主張せん重2、主張重七钱二分、戊申吉字清銀貨庫平一両銀貨、近代官铸メカニズム銀貨中の大名と鋳造品、非常に小さな額、伝世極ハンコック。係清光緒三十四年(1908年は年を記念戊申干支)吉林省銀貨局鋳造。天津の製貨の総工場が鋳造するという見方もある。銀貨正面珠圏彫る漢文の「大清銀貨」の4字、四字の中に彫る一帯圏の「吉」の字には、週辺の上端鋳满文光緒年造、下端鋳額面「庫平2」、「両側分鋳造戊申」の二文字は、背面中央鋳蟠龙図、週辺の上端鋳英文光緒下端鋳造、英文庫平2、両側分鋳六時花星。元を単位として渡世のため、多くの金貨学者やコレクターは本物を見たことがない。本物の存世珍珍しい   13995046265大清银币库平一两吉字版