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湖北省造光绪元宝当十    此藏品为湖北武汉 张先生所藏有。
One of the currency circulated during the reign of Qing dynasty. By the viceroy Zhang Zhidong took the lead in the introduction of British machine casting silver and copper coins the provinces have to follow after. A total of nineteen Provincial Bureau of Ministry of casting in addition to the central local cast copper both on the front side edge of recording the name.This coin was made in Hubei province when the ten gold coins in the whole product is intact it natural exquisite shape. Money: pearl within the circle of Chinese "Guangxu ingot ring ring (Hubei province made) under the ring" when ten "about the book of manchu. Money back: the center for Pan Long figure. Exquisite products can be regarded as a treasure. At present Kuang Hsu yuan investment market fiery prices rose extremely rare has great investment value and collection value such as the collection of necessary collection purchase please contact with our customer service we will provide the best service for you.This is similar to money 2014 in Beijing poly auction companies autumn auction (7.17 - 18) miscellaneous special auction a Hubei province built Guangxu gold coins the starting price of 780 thousand after several rounds of bidding and ultimately to 1 million 680 thousand a hammer a coin collectors collection craze.
清朝の光緒年間流通の貨幣の一つ。両広総督张之洞から導入しイギリスコイン銀貨や銅貨機械鋳造、その後の各省が真似。共有十九個にとって鋳造り、中央戸部、地方の省が鋳銅貨も、正面に減らす摘み縁を書く。この枚貨幣を湖北省十銅貨を光緒馬蹄銀時、全体的な製品の完全で、包浆自然を工芸完璧。金面:珠圏漢文「光緒元宝」、圏外上環(湖北省製)、リング「十」、左右に各書满文。お金を:センターを蟠龙図。品としては精緻なもので、珍品として不珍品になる。現在の光緒の馬蹄銀の投資市場に熱い、相場上昇、極めてまれ、巨大な投資価値や価値を収集して、必要な場合収蔵購入、このコレクションで私達と顧客連絡して、私達は誠心誠意あなたのためにサービス。これに類似の貨幣、2014年に北京保利競売会社、秋のオークション(7.17—じゅうはち)、雑の特別興行オークションでは、一枚の湖北省造光緒馬蹄銀の銅貨、起拍価78万、数回オークション、最終的には168万、円満落槌を起こし、コレクターの収蔵の貨幣のブーム。                                                                                                                      湖北省造光绪元宝当十48湖北省造光绪元宝当十48