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内容摘要: 清朝光绪年间流通的货币之一。由两广总督张之洞率先引进英国铸币机器铸造银元和铜元,之后各省纷纷仿效。共有十九个省局铸造,除中央户部,地方省所铸铜元。此藏品为江南省造甲辰光绪元宝库平一两,钱面:珠圈中满汉文“光绪元宝”四字,圈外上环“江南省造”,下环“库平一两”。左右两侧......



清朝光绪年间流通的货币之一。由两广总督张之洞率先引进英国铸币机器铸造银元和铜元,之后各省纷纷仿效。共有十九个省局铸造,除中央户部,地方省所铸铜元。此藏品为江南省造甲辰光绪元宝库平一两,钱面:珠圈中满汉文“光绪元宝”四字,圈外上环“江南省造”,下环“库平一两”。左右两侧分镌干支纪年“甲辰”二字,钱背:中心为蟠龙图案。 藏品品相精致,其审美风格独持,钱币正面鲜然可见满汉文化的融合。钱币虽小,也可管窥社会文化一斑。其包浆入骨,熟旧自然,深打字口清楚,流通痕迹明显,边齿过关,龙鳞清晰,具有极高的投资价值和收藏价值。

One of the currencies circulated during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. Zhang Zhidong governor of Guangzhou and Guangdong took the lead in introducing British coin machines to mint silver and copper yuan and later provinces followed suit. There are nineteen provincial bureaus casting except the central household local provinces casting copper yuan. This collection is made in Jiangnan Province. The treasure house of Guangxu Yuan is one or two in Pingyuan with four characters of "Guangxu Yuan Bao" in Manchu and Chinese in the Pearl circle one or two in Jiangnan Province in the outer circle and one or two in Kuping in the lower circle. The left and right sides are divided into the word "Jiachen" and Qianbei: the center is Panlong pattern. The collection is exquisite its aesthetic style is exclusive and the front of the coin shows the amalgamation of Manchu and Han cultures. Although the coin is small it can also give a glimpse of social culture. Its pulp into the bone ripe and natural deep typing mouth clear circulation traces obvious edge teeth clearance dragon scale clear with a very high investment value and collection value.