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内容摘要: 中华民国成立后,孙中山提出要“另刊新模,鼓铸纪念币”,随后武昌和南京两处造币厂率先铸行了中华民国开国纪念币铜元辅币,以十文面值的为主,在全国大量发行以取代清朝铜元。1914年,铜元正式改称“铜币”,各省铸造的铜元大多为两面叉的国旗图案,并有“开国纪念币”或“中华民国铜币......





After the founding of the republic of China sun yat-sen proposed to "a new model the drum cast commemorative COINS" and then wuchang and nanjing mint started to cast the commemorative COINS of the founding of the republic of China copper COINS and auxiliary COINS mainly with the ten-article face value issued in large quantities throughout the country to replace the qing dynasty copper COINS. In 1914 the copper dollar was officially renamed "copper coin". Most of the COINS cast by the provinces were the two-sided national flag with the words "founding commemorative coin" or "republic of China copper coin".

This coin is the tenth article of the commemorative coin of the republic of China. It is rare and even in leaf edition with no circle on the front. Two flags on the front of the coin are crossed and set with 18 stars on the left and five colors on the right. The upper edge is "republic of China" the lower edge is cast "founding commemorative coin" five characters the font is beautiful the strokes are strong and strong the left and right side of the long flowers the front and the general double flag coin is no circle left flag center add circle point. On the back of the central pearl ring cast jiahe "ten text" the word the pearl ring with the leaf patterns outside the big wheat ears inside the bead ring the lower branches and leaves are tied up beautiful design exquisite manufacture extremely has the ornamental value the collection investment value.