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内容摘要: 中国最早的机制洋式银元为光绪年间的“光绪元宝”,俗称“龙洋”,因银元背面铸有龙纹而得名,共有十九个省发行铸造,因清代以来经历了多场战争,光绪元宝损失严重,至今数量已经极其有限,其是近代中国钱币中的精品,有着历史熏陶,是价值很高的革命文物,具有深远的历史纪念意义。 此......





The earliest mechanism of the silver yuan in China was the "Guangxu Yuanbao" in the Guangxu period commonly known as the "dragon ocean" which was named after the silver dollar on the back of the dragon. There were nineteen provinces which had been issued and cast. Because of many wars since the Qing Dynasty the loss of Guangxu Yuanbao has been extremely limited and it is the essence of modern Chinese coins. The product with its historical edification is a revolutionary cultural relic of great value and has far-reaching historical significance.

The coin is seven dollars two cents for the yuan treasure Ku Ping of Hubei province. The coin is made of "Hubei made" on the top of the coin and the bottom is cast "two cents" of "Ku Ping seven". The currency center is the Manchu text "Guangxu Yuanbao" and the top of the silver coin is on the top of the back outer ring with a small English standard font in Hubei Province and the following is "Ku Ping seven money and two points". "The inner circle has a center for the Panlong picture exquisite design elegant writing unique aesthetic style with high artistic value and appreciation space. The fusion of Manchu culture can be seen on the front side of the coin while Qian Bei clearly shows the involvement of western culture. After a hundred years of ups and downs the stock is extremely rare especially good quality is more scarce so it is very popular with collectors.