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内容摘要:民国六十五年发行,此币正面图案为“蒋介石正面头像”。蒋介石(1887年-1975年),名正中,字介石,浙江奉化人,国民党当政时期的党、政、军主要领导人。 1908年留学日本并加入同盟会,1924年回国后任黄埔军校校长,后兼任国民革命军第一军军长。1927年发动“四一二反革命政变”......
1908年留学日本并加入同盟会,1924年回国后任黄埔军校校长,后兼任国民革命军第一军军长。1927年发动“四一二反革命政变”导致第一次国共合作破裂,西安事变后接受抗日主张。1948年召开国民大会当选“总统”,1949年1月21日宣布“引退”,同年败退台湾后,丽人台湾总统及国民党总裁,1975年4月5日于台北去世。民国六十五年是蒋总统90华诞,台湾银行特此发行纪念币一枚。                民国六十五年蒋公九秩,是蒋介石政府在公历1976年的台湾政府所发行的纪念金币,正面是蒋介石头像,反面是太阳旗和周边梅花,设计风格符合蒋老先生审美特点 ,符合民国年代特色,实为精品,是收藏和升值的最佳
收藏品。16年嘉德拍卖此币价格已经飙升至214万,如今升值空间巨大! In the sixty-five year of the Republic of China the positive pattern of the coin was "Jiang Jieshi's frontal head". Jiang Jieshi (1887 -1975) Chiang Kai Shek Chiang Kai Shek Zhejiang Fenghua people the Kuomintang government the party government and military leaders.
In 1908 he studied in Japan and joined the league. He returned to Whampoa in 1924 and became president of the military academy. He later served as the first army commander of the national revolutionary army. The launching of the "412 counter revolutionary coup" in 1927 led to the rupture of the first Kuomintang communist cooperation and the acceptance of the Anti Japanese war after the Xi'an incident. In 1948 the national assembly was elected to be elected "President" and in January 21 1949 "withdrawal" was announced. After the defeat of Taiwan in the same year the president of the Li and the president of the Kuomintang the president of the Kuomintang and the president of the Kuomintang died in April 5 1975 in Taipei. The sixty-five year of the Republic of China was the 90 birthday of Chiang Kai Shek and the Bank of Taiwan issued a commemorative coin. In the sixty-five year of the Republic of China Chiang Kai Shek's rank was the commemorative gold coin issued by the government of the Jiang Jieshi government in 1976 by the Jiang Jieshi government. The front was the head of Jiang Jieshi the opposite of the sun flag and the surrounding plum blossoms. The design style accords with the aesthetic characteristics of Mr. Jiang Lao which is in line with the characteristics of the Republic of China and it is the best collection and appreciation. In the 16 year the price of the auction has risen to 2 million 140 thousand.
民国六十五年に発行され、この元の図案は「蒋介石の正面の頭像」である。蒋介石(1887年- 1975年)、名正中、字介石、浙江奉化人、国民党の当政の時期の党、政、軍の主要な指導者。