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内容摘要: 该币为‘湖南省造当制钱二十文双旗铜币’一枚,该铜币正面图案中央为两面交叉的国旗,上方为“湖南省造”4个字,下面为记值:当制钱二十文。背面图案为稻穗组成的嘉禾纹,周边并有英文标注。此枚铜币现存世量不多,具有很高的收藏和投资价值,其历史年代的沉积,不难看出它明显的历史过渡性特征,......
    该币为‘湖南省造当制钱二十文双旗铜币’一枚,该铜币正面图案中央为两面交叉的国旗,上方为“湖南省造”4个字,下面为记值:当制钱二十文。背面图案为稻穗组成的嘉禾纹,周边并有英文标注。此枚铜币现存世量不多,具有很高的收藏和投资价值,其历史年代的沉积,不难看出它明显的历史过渡性特征,该铜币虽然历经沧桑,但纹路依然隐约可见,有着难以言表的收藏投资价值。  经过这几年的钱币市场酝酿,以机制币为主的钱币交易市场正在悄然升温。特别是沿海城市及内地市场掀起一场铜币投资热。铜币是钱币收藏的很大一类,不同版别的铜币都有其独特的韵味,值得投资者们细细品味。在古币的市场交易中,这类双旗铜币更是备受青睐。
The coin is a "Twenty - flag copper coin for making money made in Hunan province" the central part of the coin face is a two - sided flag and the above is "made in Hunan province" 4 words and the following is the value of twenty articles. The Jiahe pattern on the back is composed of Rice Panicles and the surrounding areas are marked in English. This copper coin has a low existing world and has a high value of collection and investment. It is not difficult to see the historical transitional characteristics of its historical age. Although the copper coin has gone through the vicissitudes of life the pattern is still invisible and it has an indescribable value of collection and investment. After years of deliberation in the coin market the currency trading market based on mechanism currency is quietly heating up. Especially in coastal cities and the mainland market there is a copper coin investment fever. Copper coins are very large collections of coins. Different versions of copper coins have their own unique charm which is worth savoring by investors. In the market transactions of ancient coins this kind of double banner copper coins is favored.