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内容摘要: 袁大头是民国时期主要流通货币之一,“袁大头”是对袁世凯像系列硬币的口语俗称,严谨点说叫“袁世凯像背嘉禾银币”。北洋政府为了整顿币制,划一银币,于民国三年(1914年)二月,颁布《国币条例》十三条,决定实行银本位制度。《国币条例》规定:"以库平纯银六钱四分八厘为价格之单......
   袁大头是民国时期主要流通货币之一,“袁大头”是对袁世凯像系列硬币的口语俗称,严谨点说叫“袁世凯像背嘉禾银币”。北洋政府为了整顿币制,划一银币,于民国三年(1914年)二月,颁布《国币条例》十三条,决定实行银本位制度。《国币条例》规定:"以库平纯银六钱四分八厘为价格之单位,定名为圆","一圆银币,总重七钱二分,银八九,铜一一","一圆银币用数无限制",即以一圆银币为无限法偿的本位贷币。根据这一规定,于1914年12月及1915年2月, 先后由造币总厂及江南造币厂开铸一圆银币,币面镌刻袁世凯头像,俗称"袁头币"或"袁大头"。
Yuan Datou was one of the main circulating currencies in the period of the Republic of China. Yuan Datou was a colloquial term for Yuan Shikai's serial coins. It was called "Yuan Shikai's portrait carrying Jiahe silver coins". In order to rectify the monetary system the Beiyang government in February of 1914 promulgated Article 13 of the National Monetary Regulations and decided to implement the silver standard system. The National Monetary Ordinance stipulates that "the unit of price is 6.4 cents and 8 cents Sterling Silver in the Treasury level and it is designated as a circle" "a round silver coin weighing 7.2 cents silver 89 copper 11" and "a dollar silver coin with unlimited usage" i.e. a dollar silver coin is the standard currency for unlimited repayment. According to this regulation in December 1914 and February 1915 a round silver coin was minted by the Mint General and Jiangnan Mint and the coin was engraved with the head of Yuan Shikai commonly known as "Yuan Tou coin" or "Yuan Datou".