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内容摘要:大清铜币,学名清代机制铜圆,钱面中央有“大清铜币”四个汉字,内嵌一小字代表地名,上端是满文“大清铜币”字样。边缘中间分别“户部”二汉字,下端为“当制钱二十文”。钱背中央为蟠龙,上端是“光绪(或宣统)年造”,下端英文“Tai-Ching Ti-Kuo Coper Coin”字样(大......
大清铜币,学名清代机制铜圆,钱面中央有“大清铜币”四个汉字,内嵌一小字代表地名,上端是满文“大清铜币”字样。边缘中间分别“户部”二汉字,下端为“当制钱二十文”。钱背中央为蟠龙,上端是“光绪(或宣统)年造”,下端英文“Tai-Ching Ti-Kuo Coper Coin”字样(大清帝国铜币)。各地铸造比较统一。 铸造始于1900年(清光绪二十六年),止于1911年(宣统三年),流通时间较短。因其版面设计优雅,雕刻精良,且存世量极为稀少,大清铜币户部造当二十被誉为中国近代制币中的十大名誉品之一。
Qing coppers scientific mechanism in the qing dynasty (cca money the central "qing coppers" four Chinese characters embedded in a small representative place name the top is the manchu words "qing coppers" on both sides for the year. The two characters in the middle of the border are "the household" and the bottom is "when the money is 20". The money back is a flat dragon the upper end is "guangxu (or xuanan) year" the English "tai-ching ti-kuo Coper Coin" (the great qing imperial copper Coin). The casting is more uniform everywhere. The [1] foundry began in 1900 (qing guangxu 26 years) and ended in 1911 (3 years) and the circulation time was shorter. Because of its elegant layout fine carving and only a very few and far between the qing guangxu years of coin made when ten is known as the system of modern Chinese COINS in one of the top ten honorary product.
There is a wide range of coppers especially the ten. The use of copper COINS as a currency of currency in the reign of emperor qing dynasty the use of copper COINS has important realistic and historical significance which makes the transactions more and more convenient. Today qing copper also has a certain value of collection many collectors of qing coppers fondle admiringly and collect a variety of copper coin has now become a target.
The collection is worth twenty articles for the ministry of tongqing which is in good condition and complete.

清銅貨、学名清代のメカニズム铜圆お金面の中央にあるテチョン銅貨」の4つの汉字は、内の象嵌一小さな代表地名、上端は满文テチョン銅貨」と書かれているが、両側を迎える。縁户部」「中間にそれぞれ2汉字、下端を「制钱二十文」。お金は背中の中央を蟠龙、上端は「光緒(または宣統)年造」、ブレード英文「tai ching ti - kuo coperコイン」という文句(テチョン帝国銅貨)。各地の鋳造が統一。[1]から始まった鋳物1900年(清の光二十六年)は、1911年(宣統三年)、流通期間が短い。その面がデザインで、优雅、彫刻洗练存世量が少なく、テチョン銅貨户部光年造と呼ばれるとき十中国近代制造幣の10大名誉品の一つだった。