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This is a coin of the Qing Dynasty. In the center of the obverse of the coin there are four Chinese characters "big Qing copper coin" embedded with a small character "e" to represent the place name. In the upper end there is the character "big Qing copper coin" in the two sides there are two Chinese characters "Hubu" in the middle of the edge and in the lower end there are ten Chinese characters "when making money"; in the center of the back there is a picture of Panlong in the upper end there are four Chinese characters "made in the year of Guangxu" and in the front of Guangxu Yuanbao There are two Manchu inscriptions in the center of Guangxu Yuanbao. The inscription on the top is "made in Jiangnan province" and on the bottom is "made in ten words per yuan". On both sides of "made in Jiangnan province" the year is recorded. The bead in the middle consists of 99 dots. On the back there is a flying dragon in the middle. The upper part is in English. There is a rose ornament on the left and right. The bead circle in the middle is composed of small dots. This group of coins has a high collection value because of its heavy slurry natural rust color simple and elegant style natural abrasion beautiful casting coordinated layout bold and meaningful beauty.