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内容摘要: 光绪元宝是清朝光绪年间流通的货币之一。由两广总督张之洞率先引进英国铸币机器铸造银元和铜元,之后各省纷纷仿效。共有十九个省局铸造,除中央户部,地方省所铸铜元,皆在其正面上缘镌写省名。光绪元宝是大清光绪年流通大面值货币之首,是我国首批引进海外技术的印发流通货币,对于现今也蕴藏了一定......

这几枚光绪元宝,钱币正面圈内铸有铭文“光绪元宝”,珠圈外上环铸楷体哪个省造,底部铸货币价值,币中心为“光绪元宝”。元宝背面内圈铸有神龙腾飞图腾,外圈铸有英文,品相完好,保存完整。钱文、轮廓 的清晰程度好,钱币虽小,也可管窥当时社会文化一斑。经过岁月的洗礼,钱币包浆入骨,熟旧自然,深打字口清楚,流通痕迹明显,具有极高的投资价值和收藏价值。
Yuanbao of Guangxu is one of the currency circulating in Guangxu period of Qing Dynasty. Zhang Zhidong governor of Guangdong and Guangxi took the lead in introducing the British coinage machine to make silver and copper coins and then the provinces followed suit. A total of 19 provinces and bureaus cast copper coins. In addition to the central household and local provinces the names of provinces are engraved on the upper edge of the front. Guangxu Yuanbao is the first currency with large face value circulating in Guangxu Qing Dynasty. It is the first batch of currency to be issued and circulated by introducing overseas technology in China. It also has certain historical significance for today.           
These Guangxu Yuanbao coins have the inscription "Guangxu Yuanbao" in the obverse circle which province of Kaiti is in the upper circle outside the bead circle and the monetary value is in the bottom circle. The center of the coin is the  "Guangxu Yuanbao". On the back of Yuanbao the inner ring is cast with dragon flying totem and the outer ring is cast with English. The product is intact and well preserved. Although the coins are small they can also have a glimpse of the social culture at that time. After years of baptism coins are wrapped into bone mature and natural deep typing is clear circulation trace is obvious with high investment value and collection value.