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内容摘要: 此枚钱币为中华民国三年袁大头苏维埃版,钱币正面为袁世凯五分侧面像,右侧刻着“苏维埃”,上列“中华民国三年”六字。钱背两条嘉禾,左右交互,下系结带,中铸‘壹圆’二字。藏品虽然经历了无穷岁月的洗礼,但是如今保存依然较为完好。其色泽光鲜自然,纹饰深浅适度,边缘线条粗细均匀,间距也疏密......

This coin is a Soviet version of yuan Dadou in the third year of the Republic of China. The obverse of the coin is a five point profile of Yuan Shikai with "Soviet" engraved on the right. The above six words "three years of the Republic of China" are listed. There are two Jiahe coins on the back of the coin. They interact with each other on the left and right. They are tied at the bottom. The word "one yuan" is cast in the middle. Although the collection has experienced the baptism of endless years it is still well preserved. Its color is bright and natural the depth of decoration is moderate the thickness of edge lines is uniform and the spacing is also dense and consistent. The details of portrait hair beard and awn are clear vivid and natural. Even if it is "a hundred years old" it is still intact and has a good appearance.           
The appearance of the Soviet version of yuan Datou was in 1931 when the Kuomintang reactionaries carried out military encirclement and suppression and economic blockade of the Soviet area. The red regime's struggle environment against the enemy was very bad. In order to meet the needs of the situation of the struggle against the enemy the Red Army stamped the Soviet on the right side of Yuan Shikai's portrait on the old silver dollar of yuan Datou in the three years of the Republic of China captured by the local tyrants. It is used to develop the economy of revolutionary base areas guarantee the supply of the Red Army and the construction of the red regime. The Kuomintang once recast the silver coins with "Soviet" in the furnace so "yuan Datou" with "Soviet" stamp is rare and has great collection value.