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内容摘要: 此枚钱币为中华民国双旗币当二十铜元,钱币钱面依廓缘环镌微齿纹,上方镌HO-NAN英文,中间镌两面交叉的国旗,左为铁血十八星旗,右为五色旗,中间系结带,旗帜飘扬,双旗帜上下铸有英文,左右两侧长枝花饰之,下方镌20 CASH币值,背面珠圈外上环为“中华民国”四字,下环铸“当二十铜元......

此枚钱币为中华民国双旗币当二十铜元,钱币钱面依廓缘环镌微齿纹,上方镌HO-NAN英文,中间镌两面交叉的国旗,左为铁血十八星旗,右为五色旗,中间系结带,旗帜飘扬,双旗帜上下铸有英文,左右两侧长枝花饰之,下方镌20  CASH币值,背面珠圈外上环为“中华民国”四字,下环铸“当二十铜元”字样,珠圈内有禾穗围绕菊花纹,左右两侧小菊花纹饰之,寓意美好,设计感强烈,新颖独特,线条优雅,纹路清晰,分毫可见,工艺极其精湛,钱文清晰,字体深邃。中华民国双旗币是由民国政府发行的一款铜钱,铜币当时面值以当十文为主,当二十面值的相当少见,非常珍贵!此枚双旗币虽经历了无穷岁月,但纹路依然清晰可见,上面的锈迹也见证了其历史的积淀,具有非常明显的历史过渡性特征,具有极其惊人的历史价值、艺术价值和收藏价值。
This coin is a double flag coin of the Republic of China. It is worth 20 copper yuan. The coin is engraved with micro teeth on the side according to the outline edge ring with ho-nan English on the top the national flag crossed on both sides in the middle the iron blood 18 star flag on the left and the five-color flag on the right. The flag is tied in the middle and flutters. The two flags are engraved with English on the top and bottom. The long branches and flowers on the left and right are decorated with 20 cash coins on the bottom. The upper ring outside the bead ring on the back is "China". The four characters of the Republic of China are "Dang 20 copper yuan" in the lower ring. There are chrysanthemum patterns around the bead ring. The small chrysanthemum patterns on the left and right sides symbolize beautiful strong design sense novel and unique elegant lines clear lines extremely exquisite technology clear money and profound font. The Double Flag coin of the Republic of China is a copper coin issued by the government of the Republic of China. At that time the denomination of the copper coin was mainly ten Wen and the denomination of twenty Wen was very rare very precious! Although this double flag coin has gone through endless years its pattern is still clear and the rust on it also witnesses its historical accumulation. It has very obvious historical transitional characteristics and has extremely amazing historical value artistic value and collection value.