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内容摘要: 该钱币为长征时期的川陕省苏维埃政府造的铜币,该铜币为红铜质地,包浆自然,画面清晰,均为手工熔铸而成。正面内圆里刻有阿拉伯数字“500”面额,圈外自右向左写有繁体字“川陕省苏维埃造”,下方两端各有一个实心红五星;寓为工农红军子弟兵,下端仍是自右向左镌有“五百文”字样。背面正中是一......

This coin is made by the Soviet government of Sichuan and Shaanxi Province during the long march. It is made of red copper with natural coating and clear picture. It is all hand-made. Inside the front circle is engraved with the Arabic numeral "500" denomination outside the circle is written with the traditional Chinese character "made by the Soviet of Sichuan and Shaanxi Province" from right to left and there is a solid red five-star at both ends below; the residence is the child soldier of the Red Army of workers and peasants and the lower end is still engraved with the word "500 Wen" from right to left. In the middle of the back is a big five pointed star shape. Inside is a sickle and axe representing the labor tools of workers and peasants. It symbolizes that the Communist Party of China is the vanguard of the Chinese working class and outside is surrounded by rice ears. In the upper part from right to left there are 11 words "the proletariat of the world unite" with a solid red five-star at both ends. In the lower part from right to left there is "193" Four years.
The Soviet government of Sichuan and Shaanxi Province was established for a short time and the documents and coins left by the Communist Party of China in the revolutionary period are very few. As the earliest Red Army currency issued after the Communist Party of China led the workers and peasants revolution to seize power this Red Army copper coin is extremely precious. As a revolutionary historical relic it has research value and collection value.