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内容摘要: 五帝钱是指清朝顺治、康熙、雍正、乾隆、嘉庆五个皇帝的铜钱,据说有挡煞、防小人、避邪,旺财之功效。女孩子可以用红线把五帝钱穿起来挂在包包上,也可以随身挂带,用以避邪。铜钱性刚,五行属金,铜质吸收气场的力量比金银都好。因此,铜钱具有极强的化解煞气的作用;铜钱外圆内方,外圆代表天,内......

The five emperors' Coins refer to the bronze coins of the five emperors of Qing Dynasty such as Shunzhi Kangxi Yong Zheng Qian Long and Jiaqing. They are said to have functions of blocking preventing villains avoiding evil and making money. Girls can wear red to the money in the bag hanging on can also carry strap to ward off evil.The five elements are gold and the power of copper absorbing gas field is better than that of gold and silver. Therefore copper money has a very strong role to dissolve the evil spirit; the copper money is round the outer circle represents the day the inner representative place the middle emperor's year number represents the person "heaven the land the man" have the energy. Shunzhi Kangxi Yong Zheng Qian Long Jiaxing five emperors are in the most powerful time of China's national strength the times are connected the national transportation is prosperous the society is stable and complex. Honor the emperor alone the people's music money foundry well long circulation the "heaven the earth people" of the spirit so it can calm down transform the brakes and have both the rich function. This collection is a witness of history. It has great investment value and collection value. Its cultural taste is highly appreciated by collectors. It is a rare treasure.