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内容摘要: 军政府造四川铜币”于1912年(民国元年)开铸之后,至1925年(民国14年)的十余年间,几乎从未间断其铸造。其币面值计有五文、十文、二十文、五十文等。 一百文是当时铸造最少也是最珍惜的。“军政府造四川铜币”发行量较大,流通时间较长,现今存世量亦较多。其各种面值中除五文、十文者......

军政府造四川铜币”于1912年(民国元年)开铸之后,至1925年(民国14年)的十余年间,几乎从未间断其铸造。其币面值计有五文、十文、二十文、五十文等。 一百文是当时铸造最少也是最珍惜的。“军政府造四川铜币”发行量较大,流通时间较长,现今存世量亦较多。其各种面值中除五文、十文者外,其余三种面额版式繁多,一百文发行量极少。集藏“军政府造四川铜币”,其版式的区分,一般从年号、铜质、字体大小、书写笔划及l花星纹饰等几个方面进行。 而这枚钱币的珍贵之处在于错版背逆40度,每一枚错版钱币都是独一无二的,而像这种错版的几率更是不可能,更显其珍贵,有很高的收藏价值,其市场价值不可估量。
The "Sichuan copper coin made by the military government" was coined in 1912 (the first year of the Republic of China) and it was almost never interrupted for more than ten years from 1925 (the 14th year of the Republic of China). The denominations of the coins are five ten twenty and fifty. One hundred Wen was the least and most treasured at that time. The "Sichuan copper coins made by the military government" has a large circulation volume and a long circulation time. Among the various denominations except for those of five or ten Wen the other three denominations have various formats and the circulation of 100 Wen is very small. Sichuan copper coins made by the military government are collected. The format of the coins is generally distinguished from the year number copper quality font size writing strokes and the pattern of one flower star. The precious part of this coin lies in the 40 degree reverse of the wrong edition. Each wrong edition coin is unique. The probability of such a wrong edition is more impossible and more precious. It has a high collection value and its market value is immeasurable.