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内容摘要: 此钱币为北洋造光绪元宝长尾龙版,整体品相完好,银币正面中央珠圈内镌满汉文“光绪元宝”四字,珠圈外上端镌汉文“北洋造”,下端镌币值“库平七钱二分”,左右两端各镌一个圆点。银币背面中央镌蟠龙图,上环镌英文“光绪34年”,下镌英文“北洋”,左右两端稍下侧各镌一个圆点。此北洋造光绪元宝......

This coin is a long tail dragon plate of Guangxu Yuanbao made in Beiyang. The overall product is in good condition. On the front of the silver coin the four characters of Guangxu Yuanbao in Chinese are engraved in the central bead circle on the upper end of the bead circle is engraved with the Chinese character "made in Beiyang" on the lower end is engraved with the currency value "Kuping seven coins and two cents" and on the left and right ends are engraved with a dot. On the back of the silver coin there is a picture of a dragon in the middle. On the upper ring there is an English inscription of "year 34 of Guangxu" and on the lower ring there is an English inscription of "Beiyang". On the left and right ends there is a dot on the lower side. This Beiyang made Guangxu Yuanbao is well preserved with natural wrapping exquisite workmanship and superior quality. The characters are bulging the strokes are round and deep the regular script characters and calligraphy are very dignified and the structure of the shelves is balanced and stretched. The dragon pattern the eyes are vivid and bright the Dragon scales are arranged in a fine and dense manner and the Pearl grains are free of nothingness and stickiness and the Dragon claws are bold and powerful. The edge tooth standard the ring tooth bulge the particle is clear is the rare collection good product has the huge collection value and the investment value.