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内容摘要: 在铜元的收藏投资过程中,其中有一类备受藏家推崇,那便是"错版币",铜元错版的产生原因,有模具雕刻者知识不足和经验的不足造成的,也有由于疏忽大意造成的,也有由于模具管理混乱造成的,错版币由于是在偶然机会的产物,故而存世较少,此枚湖南省造二十文双旗币,该铜币正面......

In the process of collecting and investing copper coins there is one kind which is highly praised by collectors that is the "wrong edition coin". The reasons for the wrong edition of copper yuan include the lack of knowledge and experience of the sculptors the negligence and the confusion of mold management. The wrong Edition coin is the product of chance so it is rare in the world. This coin was made in Hunan Province On the front of the coin there is a national flag with two sides crossed in the center a five pointed star in the middle of the flag and the words "made in Hunan Province" on the top. The following is the value of the coin: 20 Wen. The pattern on the back is Jiahe grain composed of rice ears which is rotated to the right by 45 ° and marked with "twintycash" in English. This kind of copper coin with wrong edition is rare in the world and the coating rust on it has also witnessed the deposition of its historical age. It is not difficult to see its obvious historical transitional characteristics. This double banner coin is a rare variety of Chinese copper yuan which has high cultural relics collection value historical and cultural value and investment value.