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Because the Xianfeng heavy treasure is not widely circulated at present the money is very rare so the coin is very precious. Salty Feng heavy treasure is fifty money although it is the low value of the variety. However due to the early casting time and wide circulation area it is also the most valued and valued coin of ancient springs lovers since ancient times. In many large quantities of Xianfeng we should recommend Xianbao's treasure as the fifty coin. The longest casting period the largest number the largest format and the most extensive circulation all occupy the first place in Xianfeng's big money. However because the fifty treasures of Xianfeng were handed down very little they were rare so the coins were very valuable.
This Xianfeng heavy treasure is fifty coins. The main casting materials of Xianfeng heavy Bao are brass and there are also coins such as iron coins and other materials. In addition there is a royal court coin with gold silver tortoiseshell copper and other materials. It has a large form and a thick money body. It is the Royal Wedding money. The amount of money is very small and the quality is very good. The price is far from brass and iron money. The whole product is intact and its shape is regular. It is a rare collection and has great collection value and investment value.