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内容摘要:青花瓷三顾茅庐梅瓶 元代青花瓷三顾茅庐梅瓶。此梅瓶造型古朴,胎体坚实,釉面洁白。器身以缠枝莲为主要纹饰,辅以莲瓣纹,青花发色纯正,人物描绘生动形象。瓶身上下分为五层,主画面中诸葛亮神情自若,悠闲地坐在大石头上看着刘备一行的到来,他的书童阿三拿着竹叶做扫帚和颜悦...




The Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain vase sangumaolu. This simple bottle shape, solid matrix, white glaze. As the main body in the lotus ornamentation, with lotus petals, pure blue hair color, the characters depicted vividly. The bottle is divided into five layers, the main screen of Zhu Geliang with an easy grace leisurely sitting on the big stone, watching Liu Bei the arrival of a line, his servant holding a bamboo broom as a graceful drapery painting a benign countenance, very dynamic, become the center of the picture. Liu Bei courtesy, his hands folded very sincerely that ask Zhu Geliang out. Guan Yu, a military uniform and bearded Zhang Fei whisper, two people quite like the Arabs, it can be seen that the Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain has become Iran's overseas trade with Arabia was the angel of Chinese. The vase used cobalt material is mainly composed of Ma Su Qing and Li made the blue and white material mixed into the whole bottle decoration on sinking iron plaque, at the bottom of a red crystal and flint slag adhesion, in line with the characteristics of the yuan dynasty.


This is a mixture of the cobalt material burning and has very important significance in the history of the Yuan Dynasty blue and white vase only rarely. Her appearance and the quality of the product is very complete, represents the highest peak of the collection of our country.