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此藏品为和田白玉玉蝉。玉蝉,指蝉鬓的美称;首饰;指冠饰,即貂蝉;植物名,即石蝉花,以其花似蝉,故名。蝉的造型很早就被中国人选用为佩饰,古人注重玉蝉,生以为佩,死以为含,因而有将此类玉蝉称为“王含”者,视为丧葬玉一类,而不同于其他形状的玉蝉。玉蝉最早出现于新石器时代,至商代大量出现。此藏品刻划特别精致,眼睛细长,翅有脉纹,足爪屈曲,具有很强的装饰性,精雕细琢,一丝不苟,蝉身有回纹、勾云纹装饰,极至佳品。而且蝉在古人的心目中地位很高,向来被视为 纯洁、清高、通灵的象征。玉蝉是一种高贵的礼器和身份的象征,具有极大的收藏价值。如需收藏购买,请与公司客服联系,我们将竭诚为您服务。
This collection of jade and Tian Baiyu. The name refers to the cicadas, cicada temples; jewelry; a tiara, namely Diao Chan; the name of the plant, namely Chanhua stone, with its flowers like the cicada named. The styling of cicadas was early chosen by the Chinese as a ornament. The ancients paid attention to the jade cicadas. They thought that the jade cicada was considered as "Wang containing", which was regarded as a funeral jade, but different from the other jade cicadas. Yu Chan first appeared in the Neolithic Age to the Shang Dynasty, the emergence of a large number of. This collection is exquisitely delicately carved, with long eyes, wings with veins, feet claw flexion, strong decorative, meticulous and meticulous, cicadas are decorated with back lines and cloud lines. And the position of the cicada in the eyes of the ancient high, has always been regarded as a symbol of purity, lofty and psychic. Jade is a symbol of ritual and the identity of a noble, is of great value to the collection. If you want to collect your purchases, please contact our customer service. We will serve you wholeheartedly.