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内容摘要: 此藏品为《福禄寿禧》龙纹银碗“洪”字款一组;银碗是古人特色的传统艺术品和生活用品,曾是地位和财富的象征,每当宾客来临好客的古人总要将酒倒在银碗中,用传统的敬酒礼节,为客人接风洗尘。银碗不但是一种高贵纯洁的象征,表示的礼遇,而且还有保鲜的作用,因为把酒倒在普通碗里,几天之后就会变......

This collection is a group of "Hong" characters in dragon pattern silver bowl of "happiness wealth and longevity". The silver bowl is a traditional art and daily necessities with the characteristics of the ancients. It used to be a symbol of status and wealth. Whenever guests come the hospitable ancients always pour wine into the silver bowl and use the traditional toasting etiquette to wash the guests away. The silver bowl is not only a symbol of nobility and purity but also a kind of courtesy. It also has the function of keeping fresh because the wine in the ordinary bowl will deteriorate after a few days. However the wine in the silver bowl can keep its delicious and mellow for a long time. There are four silver bowls in fulushu Jubilee. The inner bottom of the bowl is engraved with the words "Fulu Shouxi" and the outer bottom of the bowl is engraved with the word "Hong". Each bowl is carved with three dragons which are connected at the end and the workmanship is very exquisite. In the feudal society the Dragon represents the right and it is impossible for non princes and nobles to have it so its collection value is very high!